Meet the healing hippies

Christy Miu Jeepsy-Yogi RYT500 reiki master LMT sacred feminine yoga retreats

Christy Miu Wellness Lifestyle Coach

My family and I are from the Niota/Sweetwater TN area. I have two beautiful adult children and three amazing grand babies who are always around to help out with the business.

My journey in Natural Health started when I was a young adult. My hobby was to find a way to heal, ME; body, mind & spirit. (I did A LOT of self-study on nutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation, Native American traditions and ceremonies). After spending decades in a professional career I felt incomplete and always searching for something more, different . . . . 

In 2013 I left my employment and began this journey of self-healing and reconnecting with my 

true authentic self.

Today, I specialize in Private Yoga Sessions, Private Life Coaching, Yoga Retreats, Group or Corporate Yoga, Wellness Workshops, Reiki Training & Yoga Teacher Trainings. 

I have over 10 years experience in the study of yoga and a RYT500 /

 E-RYT200 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) through White Crow Yoga of Nashville and Sacred Awakening/Asmi Yoga of Oregon. I received my first certification in yoga training through Cheryl Murman, of Chattanooga Yoga Center.

I also studied massage therapy through the Massage Institute of Cleveland; so I could bring the healing effects of both yoga and massage to my community. Where I was first introduced to Reiki and continued my training to become A Reiki Master & Teacher my linage is through Usui Ryoho Reiki. 

Some of my recent passions & studies; Birthing Doula, through Earth Wisdom Birth Doula, training under Lori Love. And Bodywork for Anxiety & Depression through Cultivating Inner Stillness 

I teach about the 8 limbs of yoga, different pranayama techniques, and lead meditation in all of my classes.

I love sharing yoga with beginners who are ready to better their lifestyle. When I started practicing yoga I faced many challenges, I thought, this can’t be for me 

— I am too inflexible





But here’s what I found: you don’t adjust your body to fit yoga, you adjust your yoga to fit your body. It’s your yoga, your body, your way. If you’re ready to start your own journey, give me a call today. 💫

Love & Light

Ronna Wilson LMT massage therapy belly dancing teacher Athens tn

Ronna Wilson ~ LMT & Belly Dancing Teacher

I am from the McMinn County area! 

I have wonderful children and grandchildren...

I have been belly dancing for many years; and recently I was blessed to be able to return to school to become a massage therapist. 

Amber cook deep tissue massage Athens

Amber Cook LMT

I am from Cleveland Tennessee  and I’m married and have 4 beautiful children. 

My schedule is open 9a - 1p !

I attended Chattanooga Massage Institute and I am excited to start my journey as a newly licensed Massage therapist at Creekside 

Ashley Davis Birthing Doula Reiki Master RYT200 yoga for beginners yoga and astrology Athens tn

Ashley Davis - Wellness Practitioner

I started this journey in 2015; I attend the Massage Institute of Cleveland.  Upon graduation I immediately began my yoga training. I now teach others who are just starting their personal yoga journey; as a RYT200.  I am a Reiki Master and Earth Wisdom Birthing Doula!!! 

I Co-Host Yoga Retreats with Christy!

I love to combine the practice of yoga with astrology!  

Lets talk about how the stars was aligned at your birth and what that means for you!

I am the mother of two wonderful adult children, my son is in the Navy and my daughter just blessed me with a beautiful granddaughter!

Jodi Womble beginners yoga teacher Athens tn

Jodi Womble ~ Yoga Teacher

My family and I are from the Monroe County area.  I have been teaching yoga at Creekside since 2017!!!!

I am a mother & grandmother; of the most amazing souls!

You can join one of my classes on
Wednesdays at 5:30pm & 7:00pm

Linzy Jones sunrise yoga teacher in Athens tn yoga for beginners

Linzy Jones ~ Yoga Teacher

I am one of the new yoga teachers at Creekside!!!

My class is the amazing sunrise yoga; start your day off right with my yoga class!

Fridays at 9am 

My husband and I recently moved to East TN to take advantage of the wonderful hiking trails.  Most weekends you can find us enjoying the Mountains!

Skye Miu Steppe FD Warriors Yoga in Athens birthing photographer

Skye Miu Steppe - Business Office Manger - Photographer

I am a patient advocate for rare diseases, mom of two amazing little guys and the wife of Josh!

I am a certified yoga teacher and one day I will be able to host a class!!!

I do family, pregnancy and wedding photography!

I also help run the behind-the-scenes at Creekside! Stop in to say Hi! You will probably see one or both of my boys here too....

Casey Kramer yoga teacher yoga with Casey yoga for beginners

Casey Kramer ~ Yoga Teacher

My journey here has been a dream. Originally born in Palm Springs, CA, grew up in Fulton, IL, and recently moved to Knoxville, TN and then again from Knoxville to Sweetwater. My hubby and I started this journey to relocate to east TN years ago. It started with a vacation that made us fall in love with the area at first site.  It took years of dreaming and determination to get here but we are finally home! This past spring we purchased a small homestead where we have started a hobby farm and run a small Airbnb. 

Along for this crazy ride are our two kiddos and a couple furry friends. We all love the outdoors and have been doing all the hiking, fishing, kayaking, rafting, climbing, and swimming we possibly can. We are adventurous by nature and love traveling and exploring new areas. 

My personal yoga journey began roughly 10 years ago. It started as a simple way to stretch and exercise while taking care of a newborn and toddler at the same time. I was a prior gymnast and athlete and between that and a couple kids I realized my body needed some love. I kept my practice quiet and to myself for years before I was ready to share it with others. 

About two years ago I decided I needed to share this amazing practice with others. So that is what I did and continue to do every chance I get. Yoga is literally for EVERYBODY. You do not need to be flexible, in shape, young, etc. It's about loving yourself and we all need a little more of that ...

Tiffany James reiki healer yoga for beginners yoga teacher

Tiffany James ~ Reiki Healer

I am a lifelong resident of McMinn County. I have 2 amazing adult sons that make me proud every day. 

I have spent most of my life making sure everyone else was always taken care of. What I discovered was that in doing what was best for everyone else, I neglected myself. Throughout my adult life, I struggled to find where I fit. I have a very vibrant personality so it was always easy to wear the mask to benefit others. After my sons started their own paths, I found myself overwhelmed, depressed, and feeling left without a purpose. I had a successful career but I felt lost in it. I felt that I had nothing that gave me any drive. The Universe led me to a childhood friend and that’s where I began to see my true authentic self. I began spending time with Christy. I had a hunger for everything she brought to my life. I started taking yoga (which I had tried years ago in a gym but it didn’t interest me. I was more interested in the spiritual rather than the physical). I attended my first yoga retreat and walked away with a childlike joy. I was happier than I had been in years. I enrolled in the 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training. I took a huge interest in Reiki. I attended Reiki Training at Creekside under Christy Miu.


I am now committed to improving the lives of others with not only physical but spiritual wellness. I am so blessed that I am able to do something I love to actually help others.

Patricia Montooth Yoga Teacher healing hippie beginners yoga Athens tn

Patricia Montooth

Patricia (Patti)  lives in Loudon with her family.  She has been on this journey of self-discovery for a few years now!  You can join one of Patti's classes on Thursday 6:00pm & 7:30pm

She teaches an amazing, relaxing beginners class

Holly Sullivan beginners yoga Athens tn healing hippie

Holly Sullivan

I became a certified yoga teacher in January 2017 and I love being a part of the Creekside Family. When I'm not teaching yoga, I'm teaching business and marketing classes at Lee University.  Education is my passion, whether its on or off the mat, and I'm pursuing my doctoral degree in business administration. Yoga helps me gain a grounded perspective and reflect on whats important when life gets hectic.  I'd love to join you on your yoga journey, even if its just beginning, and see what we can learn together!